A Stupid Example of Waiting for Something Better

Okay, so I use bullet journals as my everyday planning. Because I am constantly writing in it, whether for journal, planner, or drawing purposes, I go through pens like nobody’s business.

I like pens. A good pen can make all the difference for someone. I do have favorites. However, I do not want to waste. I use all of my pens to completion. Including the really cheap ones.

In November, I got a pack of nice pens. Like, they flow without break, they don’t bleed through the page, and they dry super quick. At least, that’s what my experience was. I used these same pens when I was a student in Scotland, and was thrilled to find them here in the States. Granted, I got size 307 instead of 207 but it didn’t matter! I found my pens!

But I didn’t want to use them yet. I had two cheap pens to get through first. One from an eight pack at the dollar store (the other seven donated to my teacher friend I talk about in videos), and one from the dentist’s office that I accidentally stole. Like I said, I don’t waste. I would get through those first, and then I’ll have my nice pens to use to my heart’s content.

The cheap pens, though, refused to die. They worked for weeks, never breaking. They worked incredibly well, and I was super impressed. Finally, this past Sunday, they both finally ran out of ink. And this past Sunday, I was able to use my nice pens.

I whipped open my journal, brandished my pen, and wrote. Lovely. Fantastic. I was in pen heaven. Until about four sentences in when the pen ‘ran out of ink’ and refused to write anymore. I was confused. This wasn’t normal to this brand. I whip out the second pen in the pack and write. Yes, flowy words! But four sentences into writing, that one decided to raccoon die as well.

Cheap pens lasted me for months, and these nice pens couldn’t last the night?! The wait was not worth it.

Remember, sometimes waiting for something better isn’t the right thing to do. Enjoy what you have that is working for you in the moment. Appreciate it.




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