Nice picture, yeah? I took it on the way down to California. More on that later.

Anyway, today I wanted to write about…well, writing a blog.

Yep, breaking all kinds of walls here.

If you’ve noticed in the past month I’ve had this site, I’ve written a whopping five posts (excluding the intro post). On one hand, I’ve been rather busy: travelling a bit, getting the site up and running and still not complete, and working from home. But on the other hand, I have the app with the site on my phone so I can write while travelling and I’ve been feeling unproductive on top of it.

Basically, writing posts is harder than I thought. But isn’t it always?

I want to do all I can to become the best person I can be, but I find myself burnt out before I even started. This just means I set the bar of expectations far too high on myself. Boot camp? Writing every day? Cleaning and cooking for the household? The local library’s reading challenge? Working on art projects? Working from home, while searching for the next stepping stone in my career? Maintaining a YouTube channel?

It’s a lot.

And I’m expecting myself to be perfect, only to hurt and belittle myself when I fail.

I need to start small. Boot camp five days a week? Nah fam, try twice a week and work from there. Writing every day? Sis, you don’t need a new play every week. Get one sentence down and work from there. Even planning will help if you can’t write.

The point is, take it easy on yourself. Don’t set your expectations impossibly high, but do set them high enough to be a better person. Start small and work up. The only way to the top of the ladder is to start at the first step.

And with that said, I want to write more on this blog than I have been. Even if it’s only six posts this month.




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