Bullet Journaling

I’ve been utilizing a bullet journal for about a year and a half now (since August 2016). I always love changing it up, and have been recently. But also I want to use my site and show off what I’m doing. Isn’t that the point? So how about monthly bujo spreads? Starting with March:

march bujo 1

Cover page, where I have video plans and whatever else I want.

march bujo 2_LI

Monthly spread: includes goals, mood tracker, bill tracker, birthdays, and start/end weight.

march bujo 3_LI

Weekly spread: this is what it generally looked like, including meal plans

march bujo 4

I usually have a page of comics or random pictures that make me laugh/shows how I feel.

march bujo 5_LI

I’m in therapy because homegirl’s got a lot of problems, and I try to keep track of stuff.

march bujo 6_LI

Of course, it is a journal. And a place to draw stuff, sometime uplifting.

march bujo 7_LI

Making to-do, to-pack lists for the now-past trip to California

march bujo 8_LI

Then, during my time in the big CA, Bujo Ben turned into a travel journal. P.S. California by Blink-182 is nice and sweet, and the perfect theme for me in this state.

march bujo 9_LI

Finally, I end the month with thoughts about the month. I list big things, good and bad, and make an observation about them.

Now, this is definitely not the complete month of March from Bujo Ben. Perhaps 5-10% of the pages from the month. These pages are just a snipit, a look into some of the main pages of the month and examples for basic formatting.

Anyway. Bullet journaling. It’s awesome. March was cool…

Enjoy the way you organize your life, guys. Don’t let anyone shame you about the way you function.





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