Making A Potted Garden

garden 2 I love being crafty, especially lately when it seems that so many spring and summer things have come up in stores.

I decided to put that craftiness to use by making a potted garden, like a land of fairies or gnomes. But if you notice the basic layout of the garden, there’s a lot of space for more flowers and more garden. I definitely could have done more, however, this was created for my teacher friend I often talk about as a lollipop holder for her well-behaved students.

That’s right. It was a garden of sweets.

But how to do the do? How to make the make? Beautiful, I am here for you. And even better news, I got all my stuff from the dollar store. So you can make your own garden of sweets without breaking the bank.

So here’s what you’ll need:

  • three flower pots of different sizes
  • foam for foundation inside pots (I prefer the balls for the small & medium pot)
  • fake moss
  • small rocks
  • fake flowers
  • a gnome outhouse (or another type of fairy establishment)
  • lovebirds (optional)
  • butterflies (optional)
  • hot glue gun with hot glue
  • regular liquid glue (I used Elmer’s clear glue)
  • a medium paintbrush
  • wire cutters

1. Put foam into the pots. The largest one should be overflowing foam. The medium one should have the foam stop right at the mouth. The small one should have a little bit of foam, not yet reaching the mouth. Hot glue the foam into place.

2. Hot glue the medium pot on top of the large pot. The hot glue the small pot on top of the medium pot. That way you get the three-tiered garden.

3. With the regular liquid glue and brush, paint on the foam. That’s right, paint glue. As you glue the foam, stick on the moss until you cover all of the foam on all three pots.

3 1/2. I decided to spray the moss with hairspray to that the moss would stay in place.

4. Once the moss sets, hot glue the outhouse onto an empty part of the ‘field’.

5. Hot glue small rocks around the sides and especially the back of the outhouse. Not only does it help support the outhouse if necessary, but it also helps it look more lived-in, like someone or somegnome piled the rocks there. Honestly, I’m not sure why garden houses have rocks, but it looked too natural to leave out. So I got rocks.

6. Using wire cutters, cut the tops of the flowers from the majority of the stem. Leave just a wee bit of stem to stab into the foam under the moss so it looks like the flowers are growing out of the ground.

7. If you decide to have lovebirds, hot glue them on the top tier side by side.

8. If you decide to have butterflies, hot glue them on the lip or sides of the largest pot, or even the medium pot if you’re particularly brave.

And voila. You got yourself a lovely little garden scene. From here you can stab the moss with any sort of lollies that you want, or you can stab some more flowers for a proper garden.

On top of that, I used leftovers (and some of my clay) to make a nice little monster home. A medium pot, a small pot, foam, moss, and flowers. And a wee monster peaking from under the flowers.

Anyway, like I said, I love being crafty so hopefully I’ll have some more of these posts out and about. Enjoy them, and let me know if you do any of them. I’d love to see!





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