The Point of Survivalist

If you guys follow my YouTube (please do!), you’ll know about a wee little series I did called Survivalist.

Every episode was an incident I survived through, whether is was a smoke bomb in school, a flash flood, or even having a window blown out inches from my face by a bullet. But what was the point of sharing these stories?

Well, I did make a video about it: Survival of the Unstable Life.

But let me explain a bit more. At the time of making the initial videos, I was in a sort of limbo (one I’m experiencing recently as well) between graduating and starting the new adventure. I was very unsure with everything I was doing and thinking, the future’s instability terrified me, and I wasn’t sure I was even going to survive.

But I survived.

And that was the point: I was able to live through nutso events like an infection that almost killed me and classroom assaults. I’m fairly certain I can survive whatever the universe wants to throw at me.

And so I write this more as a reminder to myself as I find myself back in that low limbo between graduation and the next adventure. I don’t need to be sure, but I don’t need to be scared either. And I’d like to leave that message with you:

You don’t need to be sure, but you don’t need to be scared.



P.S. Lots of videos to watch. Enjoy them!




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