Why Do I Like Starting?

There’s an excitement in planning, isn’t there? Or am I just odd?

As humans, we like things and we dislike things. I mean, I consider myself more of a pessimist than an optimist and I like things. Bruh, even those who claim “I hate everyone and everything” like something. Even if it’s just the color black.

And I like to share things that I like (see what I did there?) I tried that on my channel. About cats. I didn’t like the format of speaking it, so perhaps writing is the better way to go.

So why do I like starting something? (See how I tie all this together; look at me go!) I love planning and organizing. I would be the absolute BEST personal assistant if I wasn’t filled with phone-call anxiety. And I love starting something new. I want to experience everything that interests me. That’s why I did so many extracurriculars in high school and why I took extra classes in college. I want to learn and I want to do new things.

But you have to start.

Starting brings that giddy sense of excitement. Starting puts my organization to work.

Do I quit sometimes before I finish? Absolutely. I’ll lose interest or be removed from the situation. But I did try. I started. And that’s what’s important.



P.S. This is the start (last one, I promise) of a written series about ‘why do I like __’ which will include skulls, Robert Langdon, and Studio Ghibli.


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