Lesson Learned 3 (wait…3?)

Yes, 3. Watch the other two on my YouTube channel here. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post. 

Life’s about learning; I say that time and time again. And sometimes those lessons come through an embarrassing moment. I’ve done two of these stories before on my channel, where I talk about equally embarrassing things. So it’s time for another cringe-worthy lesson learned starring me.

I was a junior in high school. It was a super journey after the shitstorm that was my sophomore year of high school. Halloween was coming up, and the neighborhood was having a party. I’m super up and down for this because Halloween is my jam. I love everything about Halloween, and a party was going to make my year. At least I thought so.

I modified a cheap thrift dress into a witchy outfit, wore fishnets and heels, and makeuped only like my 16-year-old self knew how. I was ready. There was music, candy, decor, games; it was a blast. Now time for something challenging: limbo! When I was in high school, I was really good at limbo. And coming off the end of a varsity soccer year meant my legs were in decent shape for it. I had good balance. In cleats, not in heels!

I was a finalist with a 9-year-old girl on the lowest the bar could go, when my heel slipped on the street. And directly landed me on my wrist. It felt broken; I was in a lot of pain. And just because my legs were strong doesn’t mean soccer strengthened my wrists! I cried (well, sobbed really) and waddled home.

And I fractured my wrist.

So, lesson learned, don’t limbo in heels.




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