Making a Jewelry Hanger

32150820_10211994124823538_4916375417926975488_n Guys, I have quite a few necklaces. And I would always either hang them on a thumbtack stuck into the wall or I would lay them in a box only to have the tangle gnomes ruin some good chains when I needed a necklace.

Well, I decided to do something about this. By that I mean, make a crafty thing in which I can better organize my jewelry in a prettier way than a thumbtack.

And, again, I did it as cheap as possible. Everything was either from the dollar store or stuff I have already owned. I figured, maybe some others would want to do something like this. Yay, DIYs!

So, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A picture frame (but you’ll only be needing the glass)
  • Four little decorative bottles
  • Pretty duct tape
  • Random beads (optional tbh)
  • Super glue
  • Scissors
  • A small chain, about 3 inches long

1. Dismantle the picture frame to get the glass

2. Edge the piece of glass with duct tape to give it a frame effect. In all honesty, if you like the frame you had at the start, you can probably use it (though the stand flap thing might get in the way of the wall). I just personally preferred to have the see-through glass as opposed to another type of background, and I like the galaxy duct tape.

3. Anyway, cut the tape down to size.

  • Tip: Dollar Tree does have duct tape

4. Take the little bottles, and fill them with beads (or leave them aesthetically empty).

5. Super glue the caps so they don’t pop off anytime soon.

6. Super glue the bottles on the glass intermittently.

7. Super glue the chain on the top of the glass so it has something to hang from the wall.

8. Reinforce with duct tape and extra glue because I’m paranoid.

9. Hang on wall and put jewelry on.

10. Bask in your accomplishment.

It’s nice and simple with the focus still being on my own jewelry. Also, because it’s glass, you are able to write with dry erase marker. So, I decided to label each ‘bottle’. Enjoy, and let me know if you do anything like this. I’d love to see!




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