Productivity versus That Other Feeling

I’m a mess, but that’s nothing new.

On this blog and on my channel, you might notice quite a hoppy schedule. Yes, hoppy. Not happy. Hoppy. One week, I’ll be able to write a couple of posts and make a few videos. Yay, productivity! Then the next week, I’ll drop the ball and won’t do anything. And then the next week, I’m back to productivity.

What is happening?

Well, quite frankly, I’m kinda lazy.

I do other things besides blogging and video making. I work from and at home, I take care of foster cats, I craft my absolute booty off, I write for a portfolio (sort of), and other daily things that I’m trying to do. So whenever I’m not blogging or editing a video, I tend to blame my other aspects of life. But that’s not really true. I’m just kinda lazy. I’ll watch a show, watch YouTube, and tell myself I don’t have time. What a bunch of bull.

I pride myself on organization, but I was never that great at time management. I’ve always done my best in school, but at times I was just lucky. I can organize a time schedule; I just don’t have the mental wherewithal to do it.

The point of this whole post (besides to post when I haven’t in like two weeks) is to remind myself that I have something I need to work on. I need to better use my time. Not better schedule my time, better use my time. I’ll figure something out…I think. Once I come up with something, I’ll let you know. And if you have suggestions, I’m all ears.

And if you have something you need to work on, don’t be afraid to make a schedule, make a plan, do what you need to make yourself better.




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