In the Month of May…

I kind of like having a monthly repost. If not for others, but to remind my own self what I’ve done this month. So here’s what happened in the month of May:

In Writing

I’ve got a short scene that I actually wrote in a playwriting class a while ago. I re-found it, and decided to put it up here. It’s called Funeral. It’s meant to be funny…

In Art



The muse was not as flaming as I was hoping she’d be. More like a little sparkle. At least I was able to do something.

In Videos

Guess who finally updated stuff.

In Characters you can find the short description of characters I use in my videos, including Vladimir, the Roommates, and the Cats.

I also have a new section, called Goals, in which I list (and cross off) YouTube goals I have made for myself.


Not too much of an eventful month, my beautiful people. However, the coming summer months will prove to be quite fun. I look forward to talking to you guys about it.

I am getting slowly but surely better at adding to my blog (despite gaps in actual posts). But that’s simply what I was striving for.

And that was May.

I hope you continue to enjoy my blog. Thanks! ❤




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