25 Songs in 25 Days

While strolling through Pinterest, trying to find a new craft or some bujo inspo, I happened upon this:

25 songs

I thought, what the hell, let’s do it.

And as of two days ago, I completed it. I posted all of the songs with their explanations every day on my Facebook, and invited my friends to join in. Well, the response was nonexistent as only one person liked the posts (hi, Mom). However, I still did it. Rather than seeing what other people thought, it was good for me to look back at my own thinking. What did this music do, how did it stir my past, and what can I learn from it all?

Here’s my list of songs (refer to list above for prompts):

  1. Five Little Pumpkins–Raffi
  2. Colors–Halsey
  3. Orinoco Flow–Enya
  4. Turn Back–The Beginner’s Guide OST
  5. Wiggle–Jason Derulo
  6. The Confrontation–Les Miserables
  7. An hour-long anime mix found here
  8. Teardrops On My Guitar–Taylor Swift
  9. Other Side of the Screen–Emily Scholz
  10. Infra-Red–Three Days Grace
  11. Anatole of Paris–The Secret Life of Walter Mitty movie (the 1940s one)
  12. Gucci–Jessi
  13. No More (Baby I’ma Do Right)–3LW
  14. Ashes of Eden–Breaking Benjamin
  15. All I Ask of You–The Phantom of the Opera
  16. 1-800-273-8255–Logic
  17. Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)–MIKA
  18. Found (FourSevenSix extended)–Cranbersher
  19. The A Team–Ed Sheeran
  21. Everything’s Alright–cover by Emily Scholz, original by Laura Shigihara
  22. A Thousand Years–Christina Perri
  23. Poisoning Pigeons in the Park–Tom Lehrer
  24. Fly Away–The Magical Legend of Leprechauns OST
  25. Promise Me–Nathan Sharp

What a varied list.

All of these songs are important in some way, whether they were a piece of a special memory or they currently help with my mental disorders. Even 19 and 20 are important in a way.

I would like to extend this challenge to you. I don’t expect you to do it in 25 days, but even taking 25 minutes to think about songs that would fit all of the prompts will help remind you of special memories or how you can help yourself today. Music is great; it’s an escape from the noises of the world. And we should choose music that is meaningful, or music that we simply like. Don’t spend time with music you don’t like just because it’s popular, and don’t hide what you like just because no one else does. Be unapologetic with the music you listen to. (Maybe I should tell you about some times I got shit for listening to songs by drag queens).

Anyway, enjoy your music. Recommend some to me, and I might check it out. I do like giving new music a fair chance.




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