A Message from Alexandra

I meant this to be a June review, but I didn’t write or draw or do much of anything. It was my month of figuring things out, organizing, planning, and taking care of myself mentally.

So, what I’d like to say in lieu of a monthly review is: it’s okay.

You can take time for yourself.

You need to take time for yourself.

Sometimes you need to rearrange a schedule or cancel plans. Sometimes you need to step away from some of the things you do and reevaluate. Sometimes overall outward productivity needs to go down.

It’s okay.

This month, among other things, I’ve been planning for the July/August trip, I’ve been rearranging the house, and I’ve been caring for myself. But it’s okay. I stepped away from my art, from my editing, from my writing, from other hobbies I have.

But now I feel more mentally organized to move on. July will be a productive month, whether we work on outward or inward self.

If that makes sense.

Thank you for reading.




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