Single or Nah?

Prepare for some slight confusion.

If you watch my videos or see pictures of me, you’ll notice a ring on my left hand ring finger.

Before anyone I know freaks out, I am not engaged. I’m not even in a relationship (anymore, but that’s for another post). I am single. So, why am I flashing a jewel on my ‘taken’ finger?

Because it feels natural.

There’s a story behind that, which involves my ex, which I don’t want to fully go into (like I said, a story for later). But I will say that I don’t mean to dupe others. Which brings me to what I want to talk about: friendships.

Confused yet? I don’t blame you.

If you notice, I wear a Claddagh ring. The crown is out toward the fingertip showing I am single. {And actually, upon further research, crown out on left hand means engaged… oops}. However, the Claddagh ring is also meant to be a friendship ring or a mother-to-daughter ring. The only tradition to this ring is friendship, love, and loyalty, doesn’t matter who. It’s not ‘deceiving’.

But there is something else I have noticed. I frequent an establishment that has quite a few single people. I go to study, but I don’t particularly mind meeting new people. And if someone come up and says ‘hi’, I’ll at least give them a courtesy ‘hello’. Anyway, I’ll be sitting, writing, when someone will come up with a friendly ‘hi’. I say hello and prepare for the secondary point of conversation. Usually an introduction or a ‘how are you?’ But after this secondary point of conversation, their eyes will always shift to the left hand. From there, they’ll skip the rest of the conversation and finagle a ‘bye’ before leaving.

Here’s my issue: you see me, you know that I’m having an okay day, and that I’m taken, thus severing all friendly contact you want to have with me. But wait! You don’t even know I’m taken, Mr./Miss Speculation! You assume that because I have a piece of jewelry on a particular finger, you no longer need/want/get to talk to me. Perhaps if you stuck around to know me a little better, you’ll get lucky. Either with a friend or a good booty. I wonder how many potential friends I lost because I decided to wear a ring.

It’s a shame that people judge potential friendships based on relationship status.

So, maybe don’t?

Hugs (and rant apologies)



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