Happy Friday the 13th.

I made a video about Friday the 13th (here) and just today made another one about some superstitions (here). I was interested in expounding some of the most popular superstitions. Where did they come from? How did they start scaring the pants off of everyone all over the world?

Black Cats

For this one, I firmly believe the masses and media were to blame. Black cats in other cultures have been deemed lucky. They were worshiped in Egypt, they were brought on ships for sailor protection, in Japan they were thought to bring suitors, and even in the United Kingdom they are thought to bring luck. Yet, black cats are associated with misfortune. Some blame the pilgrims, devoutly religious people who considered the color black to be satanic. And when the witch scare happened, they associated black cats with witches and made them even more of a symbol of evil.

Opening an Umbrella Inside

For this one, there are two main theories I’ve been able to find. Originally, umbrellas were meant to be protection from the sun, and to open one inside or in the shade was considered offensive to the sun god. I think this theory came from ancient Egypt. The other theory comes from 18th century England in which waterproof umbrellas with metal spokes came into popularity. Opening one inside would prove dangerous to other people and windows and stuff.

Breaking a Mirror

No one quite knows when this superstition came into fruition, but the general consensus is that breaking a mirror is breaking the soul. Since mirrors reflect your appearance, people also believed they reflected the soul.

I could look up more, but I don’t want to.

Superstitions have been around for centuries, and most likely will continue to exist. Knowing the origins or the reason behind them can help those who don’t believe in them (like me) understand what others could be afraid of. Respect others fears and beliefs, even if you don’t believe yourself.

And happy Friday the 13th (mwahahahahahahaha)



Sources I found some info on:

Origins of 13 Common Superstitions

Black Cat Superstition: Good and Bad Luck Beliefs

Umbrella Superstition

Why is it bad luck to break a mirror?


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