I’m a Grown Woman but…

A lot of people tend to be real confused when I say I like something or I have something that doesn’t resonate with ‘adulthood’.

And I think that’s bullshit.

I’ll get into my thoughts about it, but first, let me give you some examples of me and my failure as an ‘adult’. I’m a grown woman, but:

grown 0


My purse is this kitty backpack. His name is Cato.




grown 9


I have a collection of children’s books. Because I like children’s book.


grown 8


I have stuffed animals. I cuddle with them.



grown 5



I even have some on display.


grown 6

Oh yeah, these are my other bags. If I need a smaller bag, I have Makkachin. If I need a big bag, I have a Beetlejuice backpack.



grown 7



Do grown women wear all the graphic tees?



grown 3


I also have a collection of vintage Archie comics. (And not to be a hipster, but I read the comics before the show came out. I have a lot of thoughts about the show…). And on display is my children’s puzzle.


And that’s not even ‘the worst of it’. Are you ready for my big non-adult secret? I don’t think you are, but here it is:

I have Barbies.

grown 1



That’s right, ladies and gents, I have some Barbies. And some accessories. And I even play with them sometimes! Woah! (Yeah, that little corner in the picture is where all my Barbie stuff is)




But do these things make me less of an adult?

What makes an adult anyway? Is it age? Or is it actions?

Because I have met several people older than I who act super childish. And I have met several people younger than I who act very mature. So what makes an adult?

For me, it’s in the actions. Paying bills, voting, gaining income, self-care, and a lot more. But most importantly, discussions. But also, I think separation like that (‘you’re an adult so you can’t’) is a rough argument. I think it depends on the person.

I’m turning 27 soon. I pay bills, and I carry around a kitty backpack. I read Agatha Christie, Dan Brown, children’s books, and Archie comics. I worry about politics and the economy, and I cuddle with stuffed animals. I play with Barbies, and I play Cards Against Humanity with my friends.

I’m an adult. And adulthood is knowing when to act childish.




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