Why Do I Like Agatha Christie?

I have mentioned that name many times before in past posts and past videos. Who is she and why do I have such a lady crush on her?

Agatha Christie is one of my favorite authors (if not my very favorite depending on how you view Edgar Allan Poe as a writer). She is known as the Queen of Mystery or the Queen of Crime. Basically, she wrote murder mysteries in the 1920’s. And she was so good at it!

I was first aware of Madame Christie when I was in her famous play The Mousetrap when I was 13 years old. The play was amazing! I read it a dozen times before casting, and memorizing my lines became a joy (though, that is partially because of my love of acting). Her plot twists and the audiences inability to figure it out until it’s revealed amazed me.

Past the age of 13, I read the rest of her plays and I started to read her books. And all of them offered a mystery to figure out and an ending that blew the mind. It became a personal challenge to see if I could figure out the ending.

I never could.

And as my reading matured, I was also able to appreciate her characters, her plot devices, her structure, and her clever word play. I still enjoy a good plot twist, and I still make it a personal challenge every time I read a new book of hers to figure out the ending (which is still difficult). My favorite book is even an Agatha Christie novel: And Then There Were None.

Basically, I like Agatha Christie because she’s a great writer and I like mysteries.



P.S. I need to make a list for the ‘Why Do I Like _____?’ series. Here’s what I’m thinking so far: skulls (guys, I have over 50 skulls in my room…), Edgar Allan Poe, graveyards, theatre/dramaturgy, pins? I don’t know.


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