The Edgar Allan Poe Museum

This week I dedicated my posts to places I would’ve gone to if I was able to go on vacation back to Virginia. Monday was about my favorite places, and today we are talking about one of two places I can spend all day everyday in: The Edgar Allan Poe Museum.


Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite writer. His writing and his life story is actually quite fascinating to me (don’t do drugs, kids). And because his life was as fascinating as his writing, I would spend a lot of time in the museum reading and learning about him.

IMG_1028There are several buildings, each holding a piece of Poe life. Last time I was there, one of the buildings held interactive displays of some of Poe’s stories (super awkward for The Cask of Amatillado), and some art of him and his stories. One of the buildings holds the history of Poe and his family. One building holds the history of Poe and Richmond. One building held his possessions, including clothes and even hair.

There was also a courtyard that held a bust of Poe for anyone to worship, I guess? They also had black cats that wandered, and there was even a coffin just propped on one of the buildings. And the last building had the gift shop. Me and my shopaholic self (mixed with my love of Poe) went in a frenzy whenever I had money.

If something is of interest to you, don’t be afraid to look into it. Or to go to the museums dedicated to it.




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