A Graduate’s Advice for College Freshman

College is about to begin again. And that means people are starting a higher education. Guys, I’ve done that twice. After attending a higher education for six and a half years, I have a Masters in addition to a Bachelors degree. And having those six and a half years experience, I have some advice for those going into college for the first time. 

1. Find a designated study space. Don’t study on your bed, on your couch, or anywhere that you’d normally relax or socialize. For me, I would go to the library. And the library was where I would only study. I would try to meet groups for group projects in other places. Keep it consistent, and it will help you.

2. Do like to study to music? Cool, me too. However, don’t use music with lyrics of any kind. Even foreign ones. Seriously, I thought I could get away with listening to Japanese or Korean music while studying, but then I used my memory and time to try to memorize the foreign lyrics and even looking up what the lyrics mean. Listen to music, but without lyrics for better studying. 

3. Do your chores. Guys, seriously. Life is a lot easier when you do your laundry and your dishes. 

4. A planner. I cannot stress this out enough. Get. A. Planner. Write down every single assignment you have, every test date, everything. And look at it every morning. EVERY MORNING! 

5. Keep your syllabus. Believe it or not, the syllabi the teachers give can be very useful. They’ll usually have contact information, office hours, and class rules you may want to know (also some teachers give a quiz on if your read the syllabus). Sometimes they will also have the schedule for classes and assignments. Don’t be like me and show up to your 7.15 am class just to find out there was no class that day, as said on the syllabus. 

6. Also, don’t be like me and take early morning classes if you’re a night owl. You want to keep your sanity. 

7. Couponing. It’s not just for middle aged moms and grandmas. College kids are notoriously poor (and boy do I know), so take up couponing. Figure out the best deals at the best places. You’ll get more food for less money! 

8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. See your teacher if you don’t understand something. See your advisor if you have a question about that. See a doctor if you’re feeling poorly. See a therapist if you need to. It’s not stupid. It’s not weak. It’ll only make you smarter, stronger, and more capable. 

9. And finally, don’t bother about what people think of you. There will be roommates who don’t like you, there’ll be classmates who ignore you. People who don’t like the way you look, the major you’ve chosen, the food you eat. It doesn’t matter. What other people think of you is none of your business. Don’t get me wrong, you will make friends. Life-long friends. But don’t expect to be liked by everyone, and don’t let that interfere with your life. 

Take it from my personal experience (good and bad), these are important for college. Good luck, and study hard!




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