Moving Progress

A little post script before I start: I’m typing on my mobile, which is actually difficult to do, so I apologize for whatever mistake may come.

Moving so far has been such a flip flop, roller coaster of emotions. Something good will happen, then something bad will happen, then something good, then something bad. It has gotten to the point where I am numb to whatever I am supposed to be feeling. Am I supposed to celebrate or not? Might as well just stay neutral and see what happens.

Let me talk about some of the bad things that have happened.

“You shouldn’t focus on the bad stuff, Alexandra!”

Shut up, Brenda, let me vent.

First of all, money. We were super poor the whole time, not being able to afford anything. ‘Like, yeah, you’re approved for the home loan, but now we need you to pay the inspection fee, the closing fee, final rent and utilities for the month you’re not gonna be here, and gas’. Cool, I have 23 cents.

Second of all, timing. Start of school. Worst time ever.

Third of all, medical issues. Guess who didn’t take her meds for a week and suffered from some serious withdrawal symptoms. Guess who worked herself into such over exhaustion that she passed out and puked on herself. Guess who had to reschedule her therapy appointments twice because she was too busy working on stuff. Guess who tore her nerve-damaged knee to shreds moving stuff around. Answer, me.

Fourth of all, no wifi for a week. That’s all I have to say about that.

But so many good things have happened, as well. And, obviously, I want to focus on some good stuff as well.

One, we set a new record on finding a home. We received a vacate notice, looked at houses, made an offer, and was accepted on the offer in about 48 hours. We were very fortunate to find a place so quick.

Two, air conditioning. I am sensitive to the heat and mildly allergic to the sun, so summer is the worst time of year every year. Getting to work in air conditioned places is a blessing, really.

Three, we have some awesome people who were super helpers. Special shoutout to my little sister in Virginia who helped out more than she knows. We also had some great people in our community who helped us move, some friends who gave us food when we ran out, and other general helpers around here.

Four, we got wifi two days ago, at a better quality, for a cheaper price. Hallelujah, praise be.

And now, we are moved in. However, there is still a lot of work to be done, so I’m hoping I just don’t forget to take my meds again.

Basically, guys, bad things will happen. But take it in strides, vent when you need to (thanks for that), and try to focus on the good. And if you can’t focus on it, at least express gratitude toward it.




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