Ten Favorite Movies

So, I was trolling through Tumblr (yes, I sometimes still use 2013 internet language, shut up) when I noticed a new trend happening: showing, via gifs and ONLY gifs, what you’re ten favorite movies are. I like this; I want to do it.

Problem is, when I was thinking about my top ten list, so many movies came into my head. I’m such a cinephile, it is so hard to just think of ten I absolutely love. I came up with a list, and some honorable mentions. These are in no order; I love all of these movies for different reasons. But here we go! Let’s see how many you can guess:

movie 1

movie 2

movie 3

movie 4

movie 0

movie 5

(the one above doesn’t have gifs I can find. it’s not a well-known movie…)

(movie 7

movie 6

movie 8

movie 9

And here are some honorable mentions (but still on the list because I just can’t choose!!)

movie mention 1

movie mention 2

movie mention 4

movie mention 5

movie mention 6

movie mention 3

Yay for movies! Remember, if you like movies as well, to expand your mind. Watch what you may not think about just in case it becomes a new favorite.



P.S. This post was just an excuse to do something quick and remain on a schedule. And even though it was quick to put together, it really racked my brain trying to come up with a list. Maybe there’s something to be said about that.


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