A Debate Against Mom

Not too long ago, I had an interesting drive to work with my mother. Mom announced how on opposite sides of the spectrum we two were. Obviously, that was kind of confusing until she explained why we were opposites: our opinion on Planned Parenthood.

Uh oh.

Some background for you: my mother used to work in Washington D.C. on Capitol Hill, using her political knowledge to her advantage. This was before she became a teacher. As a result, she has such strong opinions about politics and isn’t afraid to voice it.

But there is one disadvantage to having an opinionated mother. It’s that I’m absolutely destroyed in any debates or ‘conversations’ we may have.

So let’s talk about the Planned Parenthood debacle. I didn’t want to say anything because I wanted a pleasant morning, dammit! I knew if I said anything that she would shut me down and make me feel super stupid.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: she wasn’t intending this. It’s just my own self-worth issues. It’s my brain, not my mother.

However, she wanted a conversation.

And I didn’t provide it. She kept trying to get me to say anything with passive aggressive sentences like ‘I really like this silence after I say anything. So dumb.’

I knew, though, that if I started anything that it would end with either me upset, her angry, or both. So why would I want to say anything?

Mom and I are from two different generations. She’s technically a Baby Boomer, and I’m technically a Millennial. We have grown up in different times under different political circumstances. It only makes sense that we have different viewpoints on the world.

Planned Parenthood in her time was about forcing ladies into abortions they didn’t want. Planned Parenthood today is about teaching safe sex so we don’t have so many abortions, STDs, or teen pregnancies.

My issue is that I can’t express myself in a moment of potential debate. I hate confrontation. I avoid it at all costs. This includes even verbal conversations of opposing political views. I do it if I absolutely have to, but I’d rather just be silent.

This isn’t ideal, I know. It’s a chance to educate someone that I’m completely dismissing. I’m trying to help myself into having a spine and say what I’m thinking. However, in this game of life, Mom is the final boss that I’m unsure I could ever face.



P.S. Mom, I know you’re reading this. This is not meant to paint you as a bad person, because you’re not. I’m just expressing the differences between us, as you said that morning.


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