A Message from Certified Black Cat Toothless


I’m Toothless, and I’m a black cat.

I spend my day sleeping, eating, sleeping, snuggling with my human, eating, and being a papa figure to the other cats, since I am the oldest.

I love soft food, pets, and sticking my leg out when I lay down.

Halloween is coming up.

Black cats are seen as superstitious creatures.

We are no more or less dangerous than any other cat.

I less so, since I’m so domesticated I refuse to leave the house. And I’m chubby so I don’t run much.

Black cats are given a bad reputation, and around this time of year is when we are bullied, hurt, even killed the most.

In reality, we can be sweet. We can be snugglers. We can give hugs and kisses.

Please don’t hurt us. And don’t let others hurt us either.




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