A Message from Assistant Edgar

IMG_1570It is 5 November, 2018.

Happy Bonfire Night to Miss TG’s U.K. friends.

Miss TG is having a struggle with her scheduling, which gives me more work.

So, even though I have a lot of paperwork to do, I was also scheduled to give another message.

Sometimes your work, your life, or your mind will give you extra struggles.

All we can do in these moments is work through it to the best of our ability. It may/will take time. But success is more than possible; it is achievable.

And do not be afraid to ask for help. In my line of business, I usually work alone. However, in these busy days, I have asked Senior Marketer and Certified Black Cat Mr. Toothless to help me. It is not a sign of weakness or failure to ask for help. I’m perfectly capable in my abilities; I just also knew I could not do it on my own.

It is okay to worry and to stress.

But do not let it overpower and overcome you.


Assistant Edgar


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