Nice Band Stories

I’ve seen a few concerts, and I’ve met a few bands, too. Everyone curious enough tends to ask what they’re like: Do they smell? Do they smile? How do the speak? It’s a whole to-do. Something I notice is that some are fascinated by whether or not they are nice to fans.

Every band I have met has been great. But there’s one particular moment I want to share.

I got to see, and meet, Blink-182 while I was in Glasgow. While I was in the VIP line (ooh, so exclusive), I was chatting with a lady who was far too excited to see her favorite band, particularly Travis (drummer). She told me she had paid just to meet them, since she couldn’t stay for the concert itself. She showed me her tattoo inspired by Travis. She was so happy, and I was happy for her.

And then we were at the front of the line. And this lady starts to cry. She walks up to the band, blubbering and sobbing (I don’t mean to make fun of her at all, I’m just telling you what it looked like). Through all her sobs, she managed to tell them how she felt, how she was sorry she couldn’t stay for the concert, and she even got to show Travis her tattoo. Her time was up, and she left them, still crying happily.

Before anyone else went up to meet them, the three band members talked among each other. After a brief chat, Travis grabbed a manager, or someone in charge, and spoke to him as well. I was curious, and nervous. Were they done meeting us? Will I not get to meet a band I’ve been listening to since near childhood?

No. Something better.

The band continued to meet with us (super nice, approachable, 2/3 were huggers, and goofy), while the manager went and grabbed the sobbing fangirl. They invited her backstage to hang out with them until she had to leave.

It was one of the nicest gestures they could’ve done. Not give her free merch or force her upon someone else, but give her their time. The manager led her, crying still, through the back and into the backstage void. I don’t know what happened, but I hope she had the time of her life.


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