The past six days, I have been organizing my life: planner, paperwork, computer files, books, everything.

And I am out of it.

My desk is littered with paper balls. My laundry has been neglected because I still needed to edit this one video or type this one paper out. Cooking has been chucked out the window. I’ve watched so many YouTube videos that the algorithm must be malfunctioning by now.

I’m also sick.

I blame the stress, the constant work with no break, and being in the cold (since the study does not have heating, and it’s a nice 30-40 degrees in there).

Trying to make my life easier and more organized, I gave myself more stress and made it a bit more tough. At least for now.

What’s more: I’m still not done. However, because of how I’m feeling, I know I’m going to need to rest tomorrow. I’ll take it easy at work (hopefully), and rest.

It’s great to want to get your life in order, but don’t kill yourself to do so.

I’m going to bed now…




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