When You Seem Jumbled

AKA me right now.

The 10 days (8 now, holy shit) leading up to Christmas are always the most frantic.

It doesn’t help ever when your payday is four days before Christmas, or when you’re involved in a production that starts rehearsal today (can I just sleep, already).

Make a list.

Actually, what I like to do is a brain dump.

Everything occupying my mind I jot down. Then I look at my writings, cross off things that aren’t important/are far off and don’t need to think about right now. I plan everything else out. Today I work until 3.30, then I’ll go home. There I can eat (30 minutes), update the calendar for the production (30 minutes), message [Lana] about choreography (10 minutes), organize the booklet for the library (30 minutes), shower (20 minutes), and have an hour plus until I need to make my way to rehearsal. In that hour, I can work on something else that was in my brain dump.

When you’re jumbled, you need to untangle the knot that is your thoughts and go from there.

Don’t be afraid to write it all down. It’s not like you have to show anyone. You don’t. It’s just for you.

You may still be jumbled (I am) but at least you’re working productively.


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