Merry Christmas!

I was originally going to post this on Christmas Eve, but something else is happening on the 24th. 😉

So, it’s Christmas.

Peace on Earth, good will toward men, right?

I love this time of year. It’s winter, so mega plus. It’s a time to give, it’s a time to help, it’s a time to be really aware of all you have. I love the lights, I love the carols, I love the treats, I love the whole atmosphere.

It’s also a tough time of year.

Some of my friends are not fans of this time of year. One blames bad Christmases on divorce. One hates the sudden expectation to give, when you should give all year long. One hates the over-commercialism. One hates the phone cheer and fake happiness is around the time. One hates the selfish people Christmas can bring.

Honestly, they’re all valid.

There’s a lot of annoying things about the Christmas season.

But I don’t care.

Christmas is about what the individual makes it out to be. I enjoy Christmas because of the good I view it to be.

Like my friends don’t enjoy Christmas because of the bad they view it to be.

It’s up to the individual.

I’m not saying they’re all totally wrong. I’m saying it’s not my preferred.

So, when all is said and done, I wish you all a very merry Christmas. It is my earnest hope that you all find joy in this season somewhere.

Merry Christmas.


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