Favorite Authors and Why

I read a lot. Sometimes/usually when people read a lot or watch a lot of movies or have deep passions for something they don’t have favorites.

I do!

Off the top of my head I have four favorite authors with a number one favorite writer:

#4: Mitch Albom

I read his work last year, and I was hooked immediately. Starting with the five people you meet in heaven I loved his writing style. I was excited to read his work, which I read five of last year. In fact, his latest book came out last year and I had a conniption when I saw it in Barnes and Noble. So, he’s my favorite because of the stories he tells and his style of writing.

#3: Dan Brown

The guy responsible for The DaVinci Code which caused so much controversy. What I love about his work is the research that goes into it and he has my favorite literary character ever: Robert Langdon. I’m a student of research, that’s what I know and love. I am fascinated with every book. The movies are great, but the books hold so much information that you lose so much of the plot and even characters by just watching the movie. My favorite of his is The Lost Symbol, the one that’s probably not gonna get a movie (boo). This book had the best villain Langdon has come across, and it’s a shame that we can never witness it on the big screen. So, he’s my favorite because of characters and research behind it.

#2: Agatha Christie

Oof, I love her so much. Best known for her mysteries, she is one of the best selling authors to date, and her play ‘The Mousetrap’ is the longest running play in history. I adore suspense and mystery, and she does it perfectly. I have read over a dozen of her books, and all of her plays, and I have yet to correctly guess the killer. There’s a reason she is and always will be the Queen of Mysteries. And side note, I am so glad BBC is doing mini series of her books now. ‘And Then There Were None’ (my favorite book of hers) was fantastic to see on screen, and now I get to search for ‘Ordeal by Innocence’. So, she’s a favorite because I can never figure out whodunnit.

And #1 (no surprise): Edgar Allan Poe

Yes, he’s an author. People try to convince me he’s simply a poet or a writer. No, he’s written a book, so he’s an author, fight me. He was a tormented soul, and we do have to acknowledge he was a troubled individual. However, he wrote some amazing dark work. He revolutionised the gothic writing, and, fun fact, he had one of the first papers conceptualising the Big Bang theory. Okay, it was a poem, but still. He was brilliant. His narration was on point, his writing style was crisp, and his themes were wonderous. I adore everything about his writing (though I don’t condone it). So, he’s my favorite because of…everything.

This list is never set in stone. I mean, Mitch was added only last year. Someone else may be added. Someone might even be taken off. If you have favorites, don’t be ashamed. If they change, don’t be ashamed. The mind is fluid, so why can’t our tastes in books be.




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