If I Was an Anime Character

I’ve been watching quite a bit of anime recently, which made me wonder…what would it be like if I was an anime character?

Well, first, what kind of anime? It’d probably be Josei, a drama and comedy. Realistic plot, obviously, and no romance.

img_2105My character would be a recluse newbie college student, surrounded by books and followed by cats. Silent and shy. She’d have blue hair and wear baggy clothes.

You know what I see? She’s the main character with very little dialogue because everyone else talks about her. Why is she sitting in the rain? Why is she so attached to cats? Why does she go to cafes alone just to read? Why does she window shop, but never buy anything?

She’s an anomaly the other characters try to figure out, not for romance reasons. Out of pure curiosity. Ooh! I’d call it Curiosity Killed the Cat!…Okay maybe not.

BRB, gonna go call Funimation.

AND I want Mamoru Miyano to play the professor she talks to.

…and that’s who I’d be as an anime character.

Who would you be?


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