The Production

So, what was this play that sucked my life into oblivion for half a second?

I was involved in the musical The Producers. It’s one of the few musicals I like wholly. And if you dig musicals/satire/Mel Brooks, check out the movie with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick; it’s one of my go-to smile movies.

Anyway, how did such a great musical kill my soul temporarily?

Well, I was too heavily involved.

My mother bragged about her daughter’s theatrical training to a coworker, whose husband was set to direct the show in the town next door. Thanks to the strength of that grape vine, I was asked to join the artistic production team as Prop Mistress.

Say what you want about props in TV or stage, they are some of the hardest working people in any sort of media. But I was willing. Then I found out I’m the assistant director and rehearsal stage manager. Oh, and I’m gonna be onstage in the show, too.

Do you see why I was so busy the past several weeks?

Even with all the stress, I was able to work on a musical I liked with some pretty cool people. I made…friends?

It’s been so rough. A real trying time mentally, emotionally, and physically. But the production pulled together, and we did it. Opening night was amazing; the audience loved it. The following nights were great in their own way. That’s the magic of theatre: no two performances are the same. We had no bad or even mediocre performance. They were all amazing for different reasons.

And that’s a great feeling.



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