April Fools in High School

So it’s April Fools Day.

I was never a fan of it; people use it as an excuse to be dicks to each other. However, I was part of a big prank. One that a whole class pulled on their teacher.

This was my junior year of high school. It was our drama class and a teacher we had such a rough relationship with. And when I say ‘we’ I mean the whole class, not just me.

To put it bluntly, she was awful. But we still tried.

On April Fools Day, we decided to have fun for once in our class career. Basically our brilliant idea was to start an argument. We would all argue with each other–not her–and have it escalate until someone said a specific phrase in which we would all yell “April Fools!” at her.

It was gonna be fun, it’ll show off our acting, and it’s not like we were doing anything of substance that day anyway.

And that’s what happened. Surprisingly, it went off without a hitch.

Not surprisingly, our teacher did not take it well.

We had a minuscule hope that she would be more understanding, but that last hope was crushed when she yelled and berated us for a full 30 minutes. We were done to the absolute max with her and the class.

She had to leave for a second to the backstage costume loft or something (we didn’t care) and in the brief time she was gone we all agreed to just ditch the rest of class. We 1000% didn’t care anymore.

One of our classmates volunteered as tribute and distracted her while the rest of us booked it.

Our teacher got her revenge by having us watch the same rendition of ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ almost 10 times. Not even kidding.

That April Fools Day was the only good day I had in that class, and it was the only AFD prank I’ve been part of.

This jester holiday, be mindful. Don’t be an asshole. Have fun, but don’t harm.




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