Cosplay Makeup

I’ll occasionally get questions about makeup, especially since I’m the one in town to go to for stuff like that.

Here’s the thing: you don’t need fancy makeup anythings.

Everything can be done using regular everyday makeup. I do it all the time. The only thing I say anyone needs to have beyond makeup is fake blood. But you can even make that on your own so you don’t need to pay out the nose for fake blood.

Anyway, eyeshadow is my saving grace for absolutely everything. And I get to give you examples. img_4589

Need to become a fawn? Brown and black eyeshadow with white eyeliner.

IMG_1203Want something more decorative to become the element Earth? Green, gold, and brown eyeshadows. That’s all I used on that!



Maybe some basic scarring? Yep. Eyeshadow.


Or if you want more intense scarring to be like the cool kids, you can use tissue. That’s right! Basic everyday makeup and tissue/toilet paper.



And if you want a glossier finish beyond what eyeshadow/powder can do for you, try water. Mix that powder with a wee bit of water and boom. Face paint.

And those are some ideas I wanted to share.

Enjoy the weird photos and the exorbitant amount of blood I put into a lot of my looks. I don’t have a problem…

Don’t feel like you need to shell out to cosplay or costume. You really don’t, at least not in the makeup department. Use that money on the actual costume department or whatever you will.

There was no real point to this post, but I wanted to make it so here it is! ^_^




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