Memorial Day

It’s one of those holidays I always hear about but is half-ass-edly celebrated to the point where I don’t even know what’s meant to be celebrated.

What is Memorial Day for?

It’s a technical federal holiday, meant for remembering and honoring those who died while serving in the Armed Forces. But what struck me wasn’t the respect to those who died, or lack of. It’s considered, more popularly, the unofficial start of the summer vacation.

That’s right. Memorial Day is known for marking the end of a school year.


It was only while writing this blog that I realized what Memorial Day really was, and what should be on my mind.

Four years ago, my brother’s best friend, a boy like a brother to me, died while serving overseas. Memorial Day is to remember people like him.

Now, I’m not planning to really celebrate. I’ll be going to work, having a normal day, running errands. But, I won’t disrespect it. And in my head, I’ll remember my ‘brother’.

Respect those who lost their lives, even if you didn’t know any of them personally.


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