The Production part 2

Shoot, if I work on more productions in the neighboring town, this can become a series…and it might.

The same company who did ‘The Producers’, from the first production blog post (found here) put on ‘The Pirates of Penzance’, an opera by Gilbert & Sullivan.

That’s right! Your girl was in an opera!

Apparently they thought my voice was adequate enough to cast me as one of the Major General’s wards. And I was only an actor. I didn’t have five different stressful roles for this one.

It went very well! According to the head honchos, the show was in the top 10 most successful shows the company has ever done. Like, wow. The audience loved the show, from the older audience members who saw the show when they were younger to the children who came with their parents that were dazzled by the Pirate King.

The only reason this show was a struggle was personal health. I got a severe flu, I had laryngitis, and I was (still am) in a mental funk. The other challenge turned out not to be a challenge at all. Let me explain:

I couldn’t find my place amongst the people in the show. I felt like such an outsider. I’m not a singer, I’m not a cutie ward-type, and I’m definitely not extroverted. Everyone seemed to know each other immediately and became fast friends. And then there was me, a potato sitting in the corner, debating as a Mezzo to go Alto or Soprano. There were also rough patches with individuals during rehearsal that were unprofessional. Background story: I’m a rehearsal snob, have been since undergrad when rehearsal professionalism was SHOVED down our throat. I was very close to quitting the production altogether.

Instead, I drew. When I had no one to talk to, I drew a comic about rehearsal. This turned into a daily thing, into an expected thing, into a ‘rehearsal is not complete without a comic about it’. And because I people-watched (for comic content), I learned more about them. The actors were actually great people; my panic/anxiety is just a bitch that doesn’t let me have fun. So, the people challenge turned into a non-challenge by the end of the show, and I ended up making more friends.

I enjoyed myself, and am planning to audition for more shows with this company. However, it won’t be for a hot second. Probably not until next year. I’ll explain why later…

Last note about this production, I got an award for ‘Capturing the Spirit’ of the show. My words and comics captured the spirit, and the director called me a woman of many talents. Thanks, Jared, for making me cry!

Long story short (not short at all), it was a success.




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