June is Pride Month. And 2019 seemed to be the most open year for pride I’ve ever personally seen. Daniel Howell and Eugene Lee Yang, two prominent YouTubers I watch a lot and follow, came out. Taylor Swift made a fun song (again, in my opinion) supporting the LGBT+ community. I went to my very first Pride.

Oh, and I fully came out.

I’m Abrosexual, also known as sexually fluid.

I was very worried, considering it’s a sexuality not often heard of/often very misunderstood. No one at the Pride festival had heard of it. When I came out to my mom (who thought I was bi), she was fully accepting, but admitted she didn’t fully understand. But it’s okay. It gave me a chance to educate and enlighten and celebrate.

And that’s what Pride is about.

Happy Pride. To everyone, no matter who you are.





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