How I Stay Awake at Work

I have a desk job. Sometimes staring at a computer screen in one spot doing something monotonous can make you drowsy, especially since I can’t listen to music or podcasts or anything. But I’ve come up with a few things that keep me awake on the days I get too weary.

img_7809First things first, something to drink. I don’t drink coffee or energy drinks or anything like that, and honestly I don’t recommend them. What I keep at my desk isa bottle of ice and water. Freezing cold water is both hydrating and it wakes me up a little. I also opt for a reusable bottle so there’s no waste and a bottle that lets me know how many ounces I’m drinking throughout the day.

I also always have gum and mints on the standby. Giving my mouth something to do (giggity) makes me a little more alive. Moving something keeps me from dozing. As well, it helps stop my appetite from mindless snacking via boredom. And who doesn’t like nice, minty fresh breathe.

img_7810To go along with moving something/getting the mind occupied, I have a stress ball on my desk to play with. It doesn’t make noise, so it doesn’t bother my coworkers. And it gives my hands something to do when I’m reading stuff on the screen or if I’m on the phone (especially if I’m on the phone, as you may know my fear of them). If I had the ability, I’d rather draw or write as I work, but I can’t.

On another healthy side of moving, I recommend getting up and stretching every hour or two. Every two hours I take a little walk around the office. It also clears my mind on long days.

img_7807And lastly, something I definitely recommend is peppermint essential oil. What I do is make a little inhaler from it. When I feel like I’m about to pass out from exhaustion, I take a nice whiff of peppermint and it shocks me awake. If you don’t have little inhalers, just put a drop in your palm, rub your palms together, put your hands in front of your nose gas mask-style, and take a hard sniff. A good wake up call if ever I had one.

Anyway, these definitely help me out when I’m tired at work. But remember, the real medicine to exhaustion is sleep. Take naps before or after work, and make sure you get plenty of sleep.

Good luck.




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