Travel Journal day 1

You’re probably wondering (if you follow the website) why there was no post on Wednesday or yesterday. Well, I’m travelling!

Day 1: Friday

I was dead to the world last night which is why I didn’t post but here we are now.

Thursday night at about 11 pm, Mother, Brother, and I left Potatoland Idaho and drove to California.

We only stopped to sleep once, for about 2 hours. Heaven help us.

Not much happened on the actual drive. I tried to catch up on reading (failed), Brother and I discussed Monty Python’s Flying Circus skits, and Mother and I discussed Mister Global (because that shit was hilarious).

Our end destination is Los Angeles, but we do have grandparents who live two hours outside of the city, so we decided to stop there. Brother hadn’t seen them in 13-ish years. It was a lovely visit, with a surprise drop-in from an aunt and uncle who Brother has never met. We stuck around for an hour and a half, two hours, then we were off to LA.

After some issues with the hotel (because it’s not a true TG road trip without issues), dinner, and Flying Circus, we were far too exhausted and just passed out at about 11.

A full 24 hours with about 3-4 hours of sleep.

While Friday wasn’t bad, Saturday will be better.


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