Benefit of Creative Week

Wanna know something pretty funny? Last week (Creative Week), I successfully uploaded a post or story every day on time. And today, I am late with my post…

At least I thought it was funny.

Let’s talk about Creative Week that just happened!

I pulled off a DIY, a costume post, two stories, trying some new art, and creating a special art project. It may have not been too smart of me to do it when I had two big assignments due within a day of each other that I was working on as well, but I did it. Also, I don’t recommend that.

But why did I have a Creative Week?

Several reasons, really.

One of them was due to the unsuccessful venture of inktober. I was able to get through five or six days when a very scared cat destroyed my sketch book. It was a shame, and I saw it as a ‘sign’ that I should focus on my school shit.

Here’s the next reason: I’m a very creative person. I’m constantly making something. Focusing on school, I can’t see the creative endeavor YET, and I was starved of creative juices (delicious?) So I went ham, cheese, and spam on getting creative.

What we need to realize is that we all need to be creative. Even if we are a serious person who prefer law or math or whatever serious people prefer, we need a creative something in our life to make us whole. Creative Week was not only giving me the chance to get those juices flowing again, but to maybe inspire someone else to try something new.

Get creative; it’s good for you.





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