(wasn’t i supposed to write on wednesday?)

Yes, I was.

Homegirl was exhausted after some all-nighters.

Anyway, let’s talk about why I love Halloween.

I wanted to really bring Halloween out today since the other day I was smelling pine and starting to sing Christmas songs (a BIG no-no until Thanksgiving).

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It speaks to the weird, gothic, and potentially creepy parts of me. Skulls are part of my aesthetic, vampires and witches fascinate me, and Poe is my favorite author.

Apart from that side of me, I enjoy seeing the celebration around it. Halloween movies, costume parties, trick-or-treating; what fun for everyone. And it’s the one time of year I can dress creepy/freaky without judgement.

Anyway, the reason I love Halloween is that it’s the most me of all the holidays.

Celebrate what’s important to you, or what you think best represents you.


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