Death Week; Hell Week

Hello, beautiful. I’m late with my post today (sadly not a surprise these days). Let me give a little update.

As I’ve said before, I am a full time grad student. And if you are familiar with how college works, there’s death week and then there’s hell week. Death week is the week before finals, when you’re killing yourself studying and getting assignments/projects done. Hell week, or finals week, is when you’ve died and now are suffering the worst torture.

Today is the first day of death week.

With that said, I’ll be around this week. A Thanksgiving message on Wednesday and November’s bookclub on Friday. But next week, I’ll be gone. I will be suffering through hell week. At least this time I give notice, right?

For those who are also dealing with death week and/or hell week soon, good luck. Remember to rest and drink water and bathe. Also remember that your grades do not define you as a person. But make sure you work hard!




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