An Update to the Website (part 2)

We’re back!

Do you like the new color scheme? The new pics? The new menu?

Today, I’m going to use my first post back giving you a little tour.

On the home page, the only thing that has changed is aesthetics. It’s still my blog where I’ll post (hopefully) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But I made it darker, I gave it an older book background, and I’ve changed the side bar. No books to read, no shameless YouTube plug. Just a shameless self plug, lol.

Nothing changed under the writing menu.

I now have a theatre menu, where I put most of my jobs I’ve had in theatre (from 2012 up). This is not only to serve as a fun trip down memory lane for me and you, but this could serve to my advantage in the (potential) professional world. Under the menu, I’ve separated the jobs into production, acting, and technical. I have also moved the makeup and cosplay under there, as well as the short films I’ve made.

Nothing changed under the art menu.

The contact menu, previously known as about me, is where you can get into contact with me for any reason. Under this menu, I also have the about me section.

And that’s what had changed!

Thanks so much for giving me this week to get my metaphorical ducks in a row, and I hope you enjoy the new look!




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