A Message from Assistant Edgar

IMG_1570It is 27 January 2020.

I am fully aware that I have not written to you since July of last year.

Miss Alexandra has kept me quite busy throughout her first semester, and promises to do so for her current semester.

She had asked me to write today as she has received some very stressful news regarding her schoolwork that she has to fix as soon as she can. She informed me she would let you know more about it in a future post.

When you receive news that gives you unnecessary stress, take time to help yourself. Evaluate what you need to do and make a plan. But always make sure you follow through.


Assistant Edgar


One thought on “A Message from Assistant Edgar

  1. Dear Asst Edgar, you are an admirable assistant and I really hope you receive a full promotion really soon. Meantime, ask Boss Alexandra for extra cuddles for the work you do. Best regards, a kind reader. 😹


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