Where I’ve Been


I’ve been MIA from my blog since Assistant Edgar last made a post for me…in January…


I apologize.

Ever since I updated my blog, things got mad crazy! For several reasons, of which I’ll mildly explain (though further explain in other posts if you wish): school, work(s), theatre, home, COVID-19, pets, personal.

As you may know, I’m a grad student. Again. This semester is far more difficult than last semester. I’m going mad with how much schoolwork they have given us. It’s been a constant ‘yikes’ mood.

Due to financial problems amongst me and my roommates, I have two jobs. Yes, you read right. Full-time grad student with two jobs. Even with that, I’m not making enough (but there’s a deeper reason behind that one).

I received some good news about some theatre work recently (no spoilers), but it requires A LOT of work on my part. Extra stress.

And, of course, the Corona virus. It’s stopped all of our lives, hasn’t it? I can’t work at one of my jobs and am having a dickens of a time situating the ‘working from home’ vibe. Plus a teacher roommate (she’s going crazy), Vladimir (who was going to school for welding so), and our pets who are freaked out. All I can say during this dreary time is that it will pass. We have to have patience. Know you’re not alone. And WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!

But I’m so happy to be writing again. I’ve always loved writing, and not being able to for fun on my blog has definitely affecting my mental health in a real negative way. Time to take time for myself and get back into it. Self care!

Alright, lovelies, take care of yourselves and take care of each other. It’s a rough time but hold tight. We can get through this.

6-foot-away air-hug



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