Musical Questionnaire

Due to everyone being on social media these days, I’ve been seeing a lot of fun little get-to-know-you questionnaires pop up. I thought, for today’s post, I would do one.

(Because, honestly, I didn’t know what else to do, I’m drowning in finals).

I saw one about musicals/theatre that might tickle some fancies, so here we go:


1. what’s your favorite musical? Hunchback of Notre Dame

2. favorite character in your favorite musical? Esmerelda 

3. what’s your favorite play? The Pillowman (it’s tragic; don’t psychoanalyze me)

4. favorite character in your favorite play? probably Katurian

5. what’s your dream role? one I wrote myself…doesn’t count? okay…

6. what’s a role you’d like to play that you’d never be able to? Hamlet

7. do you prefer being behind the scenes or in the spotlight? depends on the show

8. do you like hamilton? ooh, I’m about to get hate…I like maybe three songs…I don’t like the musical itself

9. have you seen hamilton? no. I’m hella poor. who can afford that?

10. how do you feel about hyped up shows like hamilton, les mis, and rent? if they’re enjoyed by people, I don’t care. my personal opinion shouldn’t stop hype or what other people want to see. 

11. did you like this year’s tony awards? didn’t watch. haven’t been watching lately because awards shows themselves have gone kinda…ehhh

12. what award should there be that isn’t? dramaturgy, but that’s a personal preference. in all seriousness, effects should have an award. and technician work.

13. what shows have you been in/helped with? do you want to be here for too long? I’ve been doing theatre since I was 6. for some idea of what I’ve done, go to my theatre tab. 

14. have you ever been paid to act onstage or on camera? no…but I definitely should have been. plenty of times.

15. do you prefer broadway or west end shows? depends on the show (just saying, Hunchback never made it to Broadway…)

16. favorite stage actress? Bernadette Peters

17. favorite stage actor? David Tennant (his Hamlet was the best I’ve ever seen)

18. favorite show currently or recently running? …what is running?

19. what’s your dream #ham4ham (even if you don’t like hamilton)? what does that tag mean?

20. who should host the tony’s next year? Michael Arden

21. do you watch broadwaycom backstage vlogs? no…didn’t even know it was a thing

22. what’s your opinion on movies turned into musicals? depends if they’re good or not. some movies work as musicals (Heathers) and some movies don’t (Beetlejuice).

23. do you prefer musical movies or live musicals? plays. no? fine, live musicals

24. do you have an opinion on american psycho? is it a musical now? I saw the movie like 8 years ago…

25. what movie would you want to be turned into a musical? Wonderman

26. what role would you like to see your favorite actor play? he already did, but I would love to see David (I assume you meant stage actor, which works since my favorite film actor is dead) play Katurian in The Pillowman live. either that or Beelzebub in Faustus

27. do you prefer musicals, plays, or operas? plays. I’m such a straight play person

28. dramatic plays or comedies? dramatic, though major shout out to comedies because comedies are very hard to write and act

29. andrew lloyd webber or stephen sondheim? probably Sondheim…

30. neil patrick harris or james corden? Neil Patrick Harris, but all love to James as well

31. did james corden do a good job hosting the tony’s (in your opinion)? didn’t watch, so couldn’t tell you

32. create a show mash-up and explain the plot (ex: legally todd = sweeney todd + legally blonde) oof. let’s go with Heathers and Macbeth. call it ‘Witches’

33. what song always makes you cry? now I’m really gonna look like a heartless bastard, but I don’t cry songs. I don’t cry with movies, books, or songs (except one song ever). but a song that made me feel many feels was from Waitress called ‘she used to be mine’

34. how do you feel about musicals using other artists’ music? like Mamma Mia? meh. as long as they have the artists’ permission, I don’t care. I’m not a huge musical person, remember?

35. what celebrity would you like to see on broadway next? none. let’s not taint Broadway further with name-dropping

36. favorite show you’ve been in? how dare you. SOME of my favorites include The Mousetrap, A Christmas Carol, Dark Side of the Moon, And Then There Were None, and Macbeth

37. would you like to act professionally? I wouldn’t mind. it was an original goal until I was constantly told I was too fat and too tall

38. television or stage acting? stage

39. what disney movie should be a musical that isn’t? none. let’s leave what is as it is

40. if you could see one show on broadway or west end, what would it be? my own

41. what musical should be revived next? what’s been dead?

42. are musical sequels okay? so far, they haven’t been

43. what musical sequel would you like there to be that isn’t? nah, let’s stick with an original and that’s it

44. have you ever had a crush on a character from a show? …yes, but I won’t say who

45. how do you feel about musicals being done live on tv now? I don’t mind. it gets people to watch what they can’t generally afford.

46. did you like grease live? didn’t watch

47. are you excited for hairspray live? they did that?

48. what show do you desperately want your school/community to do? a Christie murder mystery

49. are you a stronger singer or dancer? singer out of those two, but I’m a far better actor and can fall all over the stage

50. would you rather design the set, direct the show, or help with effects? yes.


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