Plans for the Blog

I have no excuse.

Let’s recap life at the moment: school is done, I’m working more, quarantine sucks the life out of you, and I’ve been having a lot of mental cracks.

And yet, I can’t seem to write blog posts!

I know, in general, people will say ‘don’t be so hard on yourself’, ‘give yourself room to relax’, and ‘forgive yourself’. And that’s all true. Be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, yes. But there is a time when I’m just making excuses when there really isn’t one.


I’m gonna make myself more responsible by putting my schedule out and making some solid plans for the blog.

The schedule I’ve set that I’d like to continue with is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9am PST. Now you know, and feel free to yell at me if I miss one.

As for plans of future posts, I’ll be starting a segment called Book versus Movie, I’ll continue my quotes collection, every month will bring bullet journal spreads, by popular demand I’ll talk about my journey to celebrating Pride as an abrosexual, and a lot more!

Now that I have a plan, I need to deliver. I completely recognize that sometimes things happen. But I should at least let you guys know before falling off the grid for weeks.

Be kind to yourself, but be responsible for yourself too.

I’ll see you Monday!



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