Addicted to TikTok…

For a while, I was so against TikTok. Maybe it was my petty bias to Vine (which is dead so what’s the point). Maybe it’s the problematic people I continuously heard about on the platform. Maybe it’s because I’m an ‘adult’ and I don’t ‘belong on TikTok’. I don’t fully know why I was against TikTok like that.

And then two of my good friends (shoutout Kiki and Christian) convinced me to join so they can send me TikToks. Might as well take this as another learning experience, right?

Now, I’m obsessed.

I go on TikTok several times a day, I send them to my friends and family, and I’ve even made a few.

As for my previous concerns, Vine is still dead and there’s a plethora of material on TikTok. I know to stay away (and if necessary, block) problematic people and topics, and no one has made any problems on my own videos. And regardless of what people say, all ages are represented on TikTok.

This all sounds like I’m trying to convince you to join TikTok. If you don’t want to, don’t. I’m not advocating for everyone to join; it’s not for everyone. I’m just letting you guys know my own experience.

And, yes, I’ve learned quite a bit on TikTok! I enjoy learning, so having gained some knowledge in an entertaining fashion.

Now I can’t get enough.

All I can do is limit my time, which I’ve started doing, but I’m not overly upset that I enjoy TikTok. I’ll start becoming upset when it starts becoming detrimental.

Anyway, Wednesday’s post will be about what I’ve learned on TikTok.

See you then!




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