June Bullet Journal

We’re back with some bullet journaling.

I’ve discovered (or realized depending on how you look at it) that setting up my monthly bullet journal is a form of meditation. I’m calm-minded, nothing is bothering me, and I’m focused on one thing. So I take that time seriously.

As well, every month I try something new, particularly with weekly setups as I haven’t found one that really works for me. This month is no different.

For the month of June, I decided to do a camera/Polaroid theme. Summer has started, trips are happening, and it’s time to capture those memories.

I always have a quote and title page. For my quote this month, I just chose a comic that resonates with me and what I want to do this month…but in a Polaroid to stay on theme.

For my monthly overview, I have my month at a glance, and some empty space I don’t know what to do with. On the right, I have stuff I like to track: to dos, dates, and bills.

For weekly, I thought I’d try to focus more on tracking my health, including water and caffeine consumption, steps taken, and meal planning. A general tasks list for what I need to do this week, and since the theme is Polaroid’s, taking at least one Polaroid a week to put in.

And finally, I end my regular spreads with a decorative page. Kind of a break from planner to journal.

And that’s it. I’m always open to recommendations for quotes, themes, and of course, spreads.




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