When the Boycott Comes to an End

Hello, again.

So, I’m slowly ending the boycott. I started with TikTok because I watched very specific people after the boycott. Then I entered the land of Pinterest. These two places have been the most positive in my experience and remain so.

And now, I’m coming back to my website.

I’m still feeling very down, so I’ll be staying away from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

However, I’m also working on my mental health and empathy so I can be back on soon.

Here’s where things become a bummer: when I posted my last blog (read it here), I made a point for those with empath friends to check on them.

Something I was hoping my friends would do.

Eighteen days later, and nothing. No one has checked on me. None of my friends have contacted me to see if I was okay or to even ask how my day is (or whatever else friends converse about). Eighteen days. I’ve disappeared from the interface, and people I’ve talked to regularly haven’t reached out. What I have received was a joke about Howl’s Moving Castle and a text asking for positive vibes.

Oh well.

People get busy. People forget. The world is mayhem at the moment and people have other concerns. My friends are adults with lives.

Of course it hurt. But I understand.

And it took those 18 days to understand.

Anyway, apologies for a sudden vent. While I’m still sad, I’m not upset (if that makes sense).

The boycott has already taught me a lot.

We’re back on schedule, so expect something on Wednesday and Friday.

Thanks for your patience, and let’s have some fun again.




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