Halfway Through the Summer (and Goals)

Summer is getting closer to an end. Not in season, but in ‘vacation’ (if you can call it that).

I have about a month until school starts for me, and before another semester tries to kill me.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working. If not at my job, then with home maintenance. Resting this vacation has been nonexistent. But also, I haven’t been able to do much of anything (thanks Miss Rona).

So, for the last month, let’s set some goals so that we can enter the semester in as little stress as possible.

First, taking some time off work. Let’s not overwork ourselves before we overwork ourselves.

Second, deep clean and organize rooms. Let’s get our areas as nice as we can so it doesn’t stress us out when school comes around.

Third, organizing all paper items. Notebooks, bills, records. Put everything in its place, and take care of what’s needed.

Fourth, make sure we’re all ready for school. Yep.

And fifth, at least two self-care days. Days where we only take care of ourselves, whatever that may mean.

Those who will be going back to school at the beginning of August, enjoy your last month, and good luck with a new semester.




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