My Weekend in Astoria

This past weekend, I went on a roadtrip with my mother to Oregon and Washington, with the specific destination being Astoria, OR. If you’re unfamiliar with Astoria, it’s best known for the filming of The Goonies. Our reason for going was partially personal so I won’t go into great detail, but mostly because we needed to get out of town.

So, why Astoria? Did we really have a special tie to The Goonies? Was our family there?

No. We went specifically to Astoria for two reasons: Finn Ware and the ocean.

Starting from the beginning, this was my first time in Oregon and Washington, two more states off my goal of visiting all 50 states. It was beautiful. I really enjoyed the scenery during our 10 hour drive. We actually stayed in a little inn across the Columbia River in Washington and spent our free time in Oregon so.

During our ‘tourist’ time in Astoria, we went to a place called Finn Ware. My mother and I, we are very in touch with our Finnish heritage. We are proud Finns. She was most excited to find iittala glass and Fazer chocolate, and I was all over the Viking stuff and Simo Häyhä. We had fun (and spent too much money).

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But we did not travel 10 hours just to go to one shop, so we did some other touristy things, including the Oregon Film Museum, Lucy’s Books, Fort Stevens, a shipwreck, and the Astoria Sunday Market. We also ate at a place called Astoria Brewing Company that had a great view and the best onion rings.

Overall, Mother and I had a relaxing and content time, which is what we needed at the moment.

I recommend Astoria if you want a calming coastal town.

Hope you guys had a good weekend, and now we enter July, our last free month. Here’s to hoping this month doesn’t become as much of a wreck as the rest of this year has been.




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